Artificial gerbera Daisies

Gerberas come in so many beautiful colours

Silk gerber daisies are prized for many reasons. Like their real counterparts, they are bright, cheerful flowers, at home in a modern setting. Best of all, for those of us who love silk flowers, they are generally very good artificial flowers which, as long as you choose a color which occurs in nature, appear to be extremely realistic.

Gerber daisies, sometimes known simply as ‘gerberas’ are not known for their scent, so the silk variety makes an excellent substitute, especially as it’s wire stem can be bent into shape.  Genuine gerberas have stems which are difficult for florists to manage; they usually have to be wired to be added to floral arrangements and it is difficult to persuade the stem to penetrate florists foam, as a result gerberas in a vase or flower arrangement often wilt quickly.

Silk Gerber Daisy Wedding Bouquets

If you’re hoping to use these bright, cheerful flowers  in a wedding bouquet or a long lasting arrangement, we believe that silk gerber daisies are the right way to go, the real variety just won’t go the distance.

This site is designed to provide you with all the information you need about these bright, modern flowers; where to find them, in stems and in arrangements, how to use them, in arrangements and wedding bouquets, and how to get the best value for your money when buying silk gerber daisies in bulk.

Silk gerber daisies is a site for silk flower enthusiasts by silk flower enthusiasts. Please feel free to add a comment to a post, or ask a question. We will do our very best to answer.

Let’s start with a little information about the real flower we are trying to imitate.

Gerbera Daisies

The Gerbera Daisy was discovered by a Scotsman, Robert Jameson in 1884, near Barberton, South Africa, hence the flower’s scientific name, Gerbera Jamesonii, however the meaning of it’s common name derives from the German naturalist Traugott Gerber. Breeding programmes began in 1890 in England which enhanced the color variations as well as the flower’s quality and it was not long after this that the daisy’s popularity reached  growers in the Netherlands who along with Columbia, are the primary distributors of the flowers today.

Gerberas, Transvaal Daisy, African Daisy or Barberton Daisy, no matter the name, a vase of Gerberas are the happiest of flowers. Nothing could be more welcoming on a miserable, rainy or snowy night than a vase of bright and sunny Gerberas to greet you. The other nice thing about them is that they make the transformation into ‘silk’ so beautifully that you would never know they hadn’t been freshly picked that very morning.

The first description of them was made by J.D. Hooker when he described Gerbera jamesonii, one of approximately 30 species, known as the Transvaal or Barberton Daisy in Curtis’s Botanical Magazine in 1889.

The flowers can be as large as almost 6 inches or 12 cms or as small as almost 3 inches or 7 cms. They are an extremely popular and decorative flower and come in purple, red, pink, orange, yellow and white and are the the fifth most used cut flowers in the world after the rose, carnation, chrysanthemum and tulip.

Silk Gerber Daisies Wholesale

There are, of course a huge number of daisy colors, but when you go to buy silk gerberas in bulk, you also need to know a little about the types of silk flower available.

Real Touch Silk Flowers are usually close to botanically correct and difficult to tell from the real thing, even when you touch them. It’s not just the flowers that look realistic, the stems also look and feel like those of the real thing, although unlike the real thing, the stem is rigid enough to make use in flower arrangements really simple. Real Touch gerberas are typically sold one flower to one stem, but don’t forget to check the size of the flower, some are very large and may not be suitable of the bouquet or arrangement you are planning.

Artificial Daisy Sprays

Not so realistic, but usually good value for money, are silk ‘sprays’. These usually have more than one flower, and are great for use as fillers, you can use the spray as is, or cut the piece apart. Stems are not as realistic as for real touch flowers, but the flower themselves usually look pretty good.

Silk Gerbera Bushes.

A single stem which divides into many.  These usually offer extremely good value for money, but you may have to sacrifice realism for economy.  You can cut these bushes apart to create single stems for your arrangements, or add the bush, whole, to a pot or urn (the small white daisies usually look very good) or use the bush, whole to fill in part of a larger flower arrangement.

Gerberas make beautiful flower arrangements table centers and of course wedding bouquets, the colors are warm and cheerful, and there is nothing more ideal for a ‘hot’ themed wedding, bright pink and orange gerberas with a little foliage are simply perfect.

But don’t forget the details; you’ll also need some corsages, and even if you want to have fresh flowers, there will be some people who would prefer silk, especially if the corsage is to be attached to a coat or dress.

Here’s a simple video, showing how to create a lovely corsage from a single silk gerber daisy.

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