Silk Daisies are one of the best and most lifelike of nature’s flowers when transformed / translated into ‘silk’, even after they have been touched and examined no one is ever quite sure if they are real or not. If you are having ‘one of those days’ and ‘not feeling quite ‘up to the mark’ then an arrangement of these joyful, happy flowers can lift your spirits quicker than most other things, they are very colorful, bright and always seem to have an impish grin. No wonder they are called ‘the happy flower’

So there’s nothing better for a full corner in your home, and if you don’t have the time or inclination to create your own centerpiece, you may want to consider some of those that are available on the web, so we’ve tried to round up the best of the bunch for you to see.

Roses, Gerberas and Ivy.

This one is simple but pretty, 12” tall and is a mixture of cream roses, fuchsia gerberas, a deep pink hydrangea and with the delicate green and cream of the variegated ivy has that ’fresh from the garden look’. Can be used in a guest room, on a side table, anywhere really that needs to be cheered up.

Gerberas, Peonies and Ivy.

Most people would have a hard job telling if any of these are not real in this 19” tall arrangement. Here pristine white Gerberas team up with fuchsia Peonies and dainty variegated Ivy’s in a frosted vase. Just the thing to welcome guests, on a sofa table or on a kitchen island to keep you smiling while you ‘slave over a hot stove’.

Gerberas, Cone Hydrangeas, Alstromerias, Cosmos and Gypsophila.

This 20” tall arrangement is simply stunning. What a joyful piece this is, it has such a happy blend of colors, no one could possibly be miserable with this in the room. The yellows of the Gerberas blend beautifully with the jewel like colors of the other flowers, especially the deep rust red of the Cone Hydrangeas and are a joy to behold. Take it to the office but keep your eye on it or put it in your entry hall to greet your guests, put it on the dining table or buffet, or on a dresser in the guest room, for a special guest or have it to yourself in the sitting room to make you smile. Personally I would just buy it and make a place, specially for it.

Gerbera, Hydrangea and Rose.

Now we have turned full circle and is not what I expect to see from the Gerbera. This light and airy, delicately colored centerpiece with it’s white Gerberas and Hydrangeas, pastel pink Roses and Cherry Blossom all set off with the greens and creams of the Grasses and Ivy’s, will bring a touch of elegance to any room you care to put it in. Perfect of course for your dining table, sofa table, coffee table or to repeat myself, in the entry way.

Gerberas and Snow Balls.

This is a distinctive arrangement that your guests will not forget easily with the intense purple of the Gerberas, the white of the Snow Ball, Ranunculus and Lilies and glossy dark green leaves. It is 15” tall and  very showy indeed. A special place needs to be found for this one but when found, it will certainly be a talking point.

Mixed Bouquet.

This colorful mixed bouquet is recommended for a long dining table and no matter what your decor is, it is bound to fit right in. With Gerberas, Ranunculus, Hydrangeas, Roses and Zinnias in red, orange, cream, blue and maize it is a  kaleidoscope of colour all combining to adorn your home with a ‘pop’ of color.

Gerberas, Tulips, Poppies and Ivy.

Considering how Gerberas give a lift to an arrangement I am surprised that there aren’t more gerbera daisy arrangements to be found. I was just about to give up when I chanced upon this bold, bright and beautiful fusion of yellow Gerberas, orange California Poppies, adorable Red Tulips and dainty variegated Ivy, arranged in a round glass bowl with glass nuggets and crystal clear acrylic water in a way, which exactly suits this type of flower. You’ll never feel alone with this one in your house.





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