Super Simple Centerpieces

On February 17, 2011, in Silk Gerber Daisies, by Lesley
Sur le table

Image by smilla4 via Flickr

Geberas, both silk and fresh have large saucer shaped flowers. This means they look fabulous and provide a great splash of color, but they have another very useful characteristic, they float well.

The simplest, cheapest, quickest centerpiece you can make, is a bowl of water with floating flower heads, and the good news is that if you add Floating candles, your centerpiece will be simple, inexpensive AND stunning.

I discovered this when, newly married and as yet without a job, my husband and I lived in one room in Oxford, but for some reason we had an active social life, restaurants were too expensive, so I found ways to create fun, interesting meals for very little. The last part of this was always finding something to decorate the table. Fortunately one of the dishes we’d received as a wedding gift was wide but shallow and made of glass, my first version simply filled it with water, I then removed the heads from 3-4 flowers in the communal garden and floated them in the water. The result was admired and when our visitors came again they brought me a set of floating candles which I gladly added to the mix.

In the years since, I’m not quite so budget conscious, but I love to use large colorful gerbera heads floating in water, often over pebbles or glass stones. The bright colors of the flowers look fabulous against a black or dark green tablecloth, which in turn provides a dramatic backdrop for the meal, and if you can’t find flowers because you really messed up? You can add very thin slices of lemon instead. If your flowers are really past their prime, simply remove the petals and float those on the water instead of the whole bloom.

Instead of one bowl, you can float your gerberas singly in 3 or 4 inch square vases and either place them down the middle of the table, or add one at each place setting.


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